Philly Mayor's Cup Virtual Edition: FAQ

This FAQ covers general questions about participating in the 2020 virtual event. To view an FAQ for a specific Challenge Week, visit their specific pages:


Club Membership and Participation

Why is it asking me for a password?

Philly Mayor's Cup is built as a team competition. The virtual edition, like the physical one, requires participation with a club - and your club has the password. Just check their social media or website (found on the club information pages here) and contact the club or club captain directly if their password isn't shared publicly.

I just moved here, and haven't run with the club yet because there haven't been any group runs. Can I still register with them?

Yes! Club membership for most of our clubs is loosely defined as anyone who comes to the runs. But if you have not yet gotten the chance to run with them physically, we hope that participating digitally will help you to connect with a local group virtually. 

What about family/friends of the club?

Sure. If you have family and friends who want to participate in your online engagement and be a part of the club from afar, send them the password and let them join. The same goes for former members who have moved away. 


Registration Questions


Do I have to register each week?

No. Your registration will get you entry to each of the four weeks of challenges, including the option to do any/all of the distances on Week 4.

If I register, do I have to participate every week?

No. We think you should (you're automatically registered each week), but if you're busy or just don't want to do one of the challenges, there's no penalty for your club. The answer is the same for a club - we think it's a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and do something a little different as a club. But if you choose to skip a week, that's up to you!

What's the cost of each week?

There's just one registration fee ($10) for every runner. This automatically enters you into every week. We have a few administrative costs to cover, still (like insurance), but are keeping the registration as low as possible since most of our costs will be null this year. If we get more than enough runners to cover our costs, we will donate any additional proceeeds between our charities.

I can't afford to participate this year, but want to stay connected with my club.

No problem. We know a lot of people are struggling financially right now, and our main priority is helping club members connect and stay active. Just email us at and we will send you a coupon code to register, no questions asked.




Scoring and Fairness


How do you verify that runners really complete the runs that they say they do?

We have a few checks, but for the most part, we don't. This is an event to celebrate the Philadelphia running community - no one would dare be a jerk and cheat at something with such low stakes. We will ask the scoring runners for Speed Week to submit verification (GPS from a watch or phone app, treadmill data, etc), as well as requiring the runner to be in each of the photos submitted for the scavenger hunt (at least partially), and reserve the right to ask for back-up for any results that are questioned. But basically, it's honor system, and don't be a jerk.

But...if our courses aren't all the same, how does winning count? What if it was hotter and more uphill when I ran?

Courses (and conditions) won't all be equal. You, and all your competitors, are welcome to try to find the fastest course and best conditions.

Does the run I submit have to be done during that week of the challenge, or can I use, for example, a 5K in July for my Speed Week submission?

All challenge runs must be done during the week of that Challenge (Saturday to Friday). You cannot count a race or run from earlier in the year.

Oops. I forgot to submit my miles and/or time.

All miles (for Distance Week) and times (for Speed Week) must be submitted by 11:59pm on the last day of the Challenge week to count. No exceptions. This also applies to submitting scanvenger hunt photos and artwork entries.



So...I'm just supposed to run by myself? What about water? Snacks? A medical team? 

You're on your own! For a virtual event, there are no provisions or medical teams provided by the event. Please prepare and make sure you are always hydrated properly, understand your limitations, and are prepared to call for medical assistance if you need. 

I want to win! I'm not stopping for anything, even cars.

All participants are expected to obey traffic rules and use caution at intersections, when running in the road, and when navigating near or around pedestrians or bikers. 

Can we just all run together?

We don't know what July and August will look like, but all runners are expected to follow any local orders, as well as CDC guidelines during their participation. In the event of uncertainty, use extra caution and run alone (really, we recommend this regardless). Clubs that are not following local orders risk disqualification. 


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