Want to participate, but not interested or able to run? Join your team as a volunteer, instead! Volunteers generally have to be up bright and early, but they get a few perks to make up for their lost sleep:

  • Exclusive Swag: We set aside some unique swag that is only available to volunteers. Runners don't get it, and it's not for sale!
  • Parking: There's very limited on-site parking...but volunteers get priority. 
  • Premium spectator-status: Have friends or family running? As a volunteer, you can greet them on course!
  • Post-Race: Volunteers are done when (if not before) the runners are done...so there's plenty of time to join your club for post-race festivities and share some food and beverage. Don't have a club (yet)? Let us know, and we'll make sure you're welcome to join a club in the Athlete Village 
  • Credit! The club with the best volunteer participation will get some recognition of their own. No one gets to run without volunteers!

If you run with, or are otherwise affiliated with (I.E., friends or family) a Philadelphia Running Club, please make a note of it during your volunteer registration (you'll be asked)! We want to give them credit for your participation!

Specific volunteer assignments will be made closer to the event, but the general guidelines for timing and needed jobs are shown below. If you have any time limitations or specific requests, please include it in your registration questions!